Friday 24 October 2014

Spent Nothing Yesterday . . . Yay

Okay, technically I spent 28 cents to pay the last of that credit card bill, but that doesn’t count. I meant that I didn’t go to a store and buy anything. I know that I will spend some money today, I plan to wash Trea and Wanda, there are some groceries I should get and then yes I know I will pick up that hard drive.

On one hand I shouldn’t spend the money but on the other hand, the laptop I use daily is driving me nuts. Seriously, I use it with the same patience I developed when I had my 486! ARGH! So yeah, I will be spending that sixty bucks for that SSD (Solid State Drive) and reinstall my operating system and applications this weekend. 

I have found that since I am plugging in twice a week and have ready access to water and power I am less conservative with the water than I could be. It is readily available so I use it. I almost go through a tank in a week, again not so bad, could be worse. Interesting though, but I am not going to shower less just to save water, not a good idea. 

The power I am more conservative with. I use my hanging Tea light lanterns (three of them) to light Wanda in the evening and in the mornings. They set a nice mood but really are ineffective to write by. So I actually write by the glow of a Word Doc reflected onto my keyboard. 

This evening I will start the process by trying to un-licence the software on my laptop now so I can then license it again when I reinstall it on the new drive. I hate reinstalling an OS on a system but this is what I have to do. On windows systems, as time moves on, they get slower and slower; so you need to reinstall all over again. 

Since I am not going to buy a new laptop (not yet) a hard drive now will get me through till then. Either that or I will get so mad that I will throw my laptop on the ground and stomp on it . . . not good.

I got a nice start on the next Treabilla chapter and found that I ended her “current storyline” portion sooner than I had planned. Every so often this will happen, as you write you will discover that this is a nice spot to leave things; don’t fight it, just roll with it.

What I had intended to be a one page scene turned into a nice three page scene and ended on the top of page four. It was a touching and appropriate moment for the character and the story, so I let it develop naturally. Again, don’t fight it, let it flow. 

You will not always get things to turn out exactly as you had intended. You need to let the story develop naturally and just nudge things in the direction you want. It will be glaringly obvious if you force something to happen or go the way you want, just because you want it to go that way. 

You need to keep in mind what would make sense for your characters to do in that situation. If you want them to do something out of character, give them some sort of external stimulus or other believable reason and/or motivation to do so. 

Let’s that your character is a: quiet, mousy, and submissive character and you want her to yell and argue loudly with her boss. You need to get her mad enough about something with enough significance to her in order to get her to do so. As a person, as a character she will not typically yell at anyone, that is not who she is. 

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