Sunday 12 October 2014

Had a Nice Saturday

Again spent the day writing at the library and got an extra chapter done. I am working on getting hopefully two chapters done today, perhaps three, who knows. 

Here is my sunrise shot for you. 

I did plug in last night and it did Wanda’s batteries good. I will see what plugging in two nights in a row does. I think that my major drain of power is not just my lights but also the furnace. I have not confirmed it, but I think that it is all electric, while that is safer it is not good for the batteries. 

My reason for thinking this is that when it kicks in I do not hear the furnace “fire up” as it were. I can clearly hear the hot water tank “fire up” when it engages, so I know that is working on propane. At the very least the fan in the furnace there uses electricity. 

Anyways I am writing in Wanda and have already exhausted Ace and am on the Laptop’s internal batteries. When I kill these batteries I will switch to “Norbert” the mini “Netbook” I have, I will use him and , hopefully he will hold out until Noon when the Library opens and I can take . . . “Huey” . . . “Huey the HP Laptop” in and use him while he charges up.

At this rate I figure that within the month, perhaps just a bit into November I will have the first pass done. That will be good as then the story will have been laid down. Then I can craft the story and hopefully get it to a point where it is ready and worthy of publishing. (A person to be my editor would be sweet).

I checked the bank account today and it was nice to see that credit card balance at Zero. I smiled and savoured the moment. I know that at the end of this month there will be a charge as there was a small amount on it this month. I will pay it off immediately and hope that there are not reoccurring charges, as in some sort of “insurance” scam thing. We shall see.

When I get paid in the 22nd, I have decided to put $500.00 into the savings this month and leave the rest in the account. I will do the same thing next month. This way I have my savings and my boost to the account. 

I really do hope this nice weather holds out for some time to come. Plus 20 C in October is really nice. Then again I would settle for anything above Zero. All I care about is not having my pipes freeze. If I can have that I will stay out here parking and living in Wanda where I like as long as I can. I know that January is coming as well as that wall of snow and -30 which comes with it.

Well, back to writing now

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