Thursday 23 October 2014

I owe . . . $0.28

Okay, first of all yes I did lock my cards away and setup my four wallets. 

1) For me to carry around with my ID (but no Credit or Debit Cards) but $20.00 cash for spends. 
2) For Groceries
3) For my “Utilities” IE: Dumping fees and propane
4) My contingency fund, (as in my Canadian Tire Money and my debit and credit cards) I might put in an emergency $20.00 next payday.

If I keep this up I will be above my new “Zero” when I get to my next payday and that trend will continue and keep going onwards and upwards. I still plan to trickle save my way up to that $1000.00 mark. For me it is a personal goal so as to never go below zero and have a bit of a cushion. 

Having lived at the bottom of my overdraft for years, I now want to stay out of it completely. Yet getting rid of it would be silly.  Credit is something you get when you don’t need it, so that you have it when you do need it. Because when you need credit, nobody will give it to you . . . because you need it.

I was able to get the next chapter done and extend Brian’s short chapter in a way which ratchets up the tension and moves the story along. I am pleased with how things are progressing, now to ponder just how to word and work Treabilla’s chapter. Again nudging the story along and let us see her backstory a bit more. 

Speaking of writing and my laptop, I have said before that it is slow, but it is now into the “boot it up and fix a coffee” range of slow. I mean it, I boot it up and putter around fixing my coffee percolator and get it started and then sit down and the laptop is just about finished booting. Once it is running it is okay, but still slow. 

I know what it needs, the operating system to be reinstalled. That got me thinking, since it has an old HDD in it, what if I replaced that hard drive with a new solid state drive? That would speed it up considerably and they are now down to like sixty bucks. For me, if it saves me from buying a new laptop in frustration it may be worth blowing a weekend reinstalling my software and operating system. 

Yet there is that little thing of actually spending money that I shouldn’t spend. I know me and for the sake of my sanity I will most likely buy an SSD tomorrow. I use my laptop every day and who knows it may even use less juice, but if it works faster, for me that’s worth it. 

Since I paid my bills yesterday one of the things I did was to check my now paid off credit card. I knew that I would be hit for a bit of insurance or some sort of payment. I expected at least twenty bucks or something like that, as credit cards are not cheap when they charge you anything. I was surprised to find that my whole outstanding balance was a whopping 28 Cents . . . I paid it in full.

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