Thursday 9 October 2014

Survived First Night in Treabilla

Okay, after work I did go to the nearest little library and read and edited for a few hours. I didn’t close the place as it turned out that I was too frazzled and tired to edit till nine (when they closed). 

It was just as good as I still needed to reorganize things in Treabilla so I could sleep in her. That didn’t take long and so I settled in to bed in the back seat. This was the interesting part.

The curious thing about the way the rear doors are built means that sure they hide when the truck is closed up, looking cool. Yet they must be closed first, and then the front door. That means that whoever is in the back seat must get in there first then the rear door is closed then the person in the front. When driving, this is not a problem, yet when you want to sleep in the back seat it produces a challenge. 

For me, I had to set things up in the back seat then close the rear door, then I sat in the front seat and closed the front door. I turned the radio on (it turns off after ten minutes). Then I climbed over the large armrest in the middle of the front seat and into the back. I had to do this in reverse to get out in the morning. 

I was warm and fine in my sleeping bag in the back seat, yet I could have used a bit more legroom. I made do though and just pulled the sleeping bag over my head to block out the light from streetlamps. 

This is what my bed last night looked like. 

And to end on a happy note, this is the sunrise this morning. 

The editing is going well, and I am getting into the swing of things and this story again. I am looking forward to forging on ahead with new pages (well, new novel pages, yet old screenplay pages).

I have at least one more night in Trea and then hopefully Wanda will be done and ready to be picked up Friday afternoon. I will survive one way or another. That was what this was to prove, with a few revisions to this process, I could live in Treabilla, not desirable, but possible.   

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