Wednesday 15 October 2014

New Book Starting to Take Shape

Okay, I have decided to go with this Two-Main-Storylines first book and see where this leads. I know what you may be thinking, why throw away all that hard work that I have done so far to start over? Well the truth be told the system I have developed allows me to go off on these tangents without risking the existing version of any story. 

What I do is I have a directory for each novel/project. In that folder I put “Version 01” and in there I start writing. When I get one of these nifty “What If’ ideas, such as now, I then make “Version 02” folder and in there I copy the files for the story, or whatever it is that I am importing. That way Version 01 is safe and I can now experiment/edit/modify to my heart’s content as long as I am inspired on this idea.

What is the difference between just editing and a new version? Well if you are just honing this story it is editing, if you are changing something major in the story, it is a new version. Such as if your main character is now of the opposite gender, or if you alter their backstory or want to try a different ending, etc. Those are new versions. 

There is nothing wrong with trying out new versions of stories as while that idea may or may not work out, it may spark a different idea. Each time you explore a different avenue you get to see what may or may not happen. It is kinda a “Multiverse for your story.” 

Just because you decide not to go with a particular version doesn’t mean it is a waste of time. Every time you write you get a bit better, (at least I hope so). Even the end product, the stories you have written, the versions you have gone through are not wasted. I have reused many scenes, segments and whole chapters from one version to another. 

As it is I will be plucking out the existing Brian’s backstory and inserting it into this new whole book series. I will alter, edit and expand that storyline but I will reuse it. With this story we get to see behind the scenes of two different perspectives in two different wars. One is a soldier fighting to preserve things the way they are and the other is a soldier fighting to change things. One fights for the government and the other fights for what could be described as not just a rebel force, but an evil one at that. 

This will require a change perhaps to Treabilla’s character, who knows, I will see.  It will certainly let us take a greater look at her and her backstory, that is for sure. As well we get to see The Sisterhood be bad, after all what is drama without the bad guys (or gals) being bad and threatening peace and stability.

Before you mention it, yes the opening will take place in Tanea:  be stellar, dramatic, and be worthy of a Michal Bay movie.

Okay, on to regular news now. I dumped last night and picked up some propane. I tell you I really do like the dual propane tanks with the switch on the front. When one take runs out, I just run a leaver and I am on the other tank. I then just remind myself that sometime soon I need to by propane. As long as I do so before the other tank runs out, I am fine. 

So there I was, bought my propane, paid for a dump and then was in the midst of dumping. The sign said “no water” I then asked why, as part of what I am paying for is fresh water for my fresh water tank. The lady at the counter said “it’s turned off for winter.” I looked at her blankly for a second and reminded her that it was almost plus 20 outside, the pipes shouldn’t freeze anytime soon. She mumbled something about it being unseasonably warm and just policy. 

I dumped and then swung by work for the fourth night in a row to get water. I dumped because I needed fresh water. Ah well, such is life. Needless to say, Wanda’s batteries are doing fine. By the way make sure to check and tighten the connections on the battery wiring, as they can loosen over time and cause inconsistent connections. 

Today is my second favourite day in the payday cycle “Feed The Eagle Day,” I put in my timesheet today and that means that one week from today I will  get my paycheque. This one is my favourite one, the one with disposable income in it. 

I know it is getting colder and it should get down to minus 15 or so by mid next month. If I can tuff through that it should warm up and ease up in December. I don’t want to pay for more than 4 months of winter storage, so I will be back out by April first. That means I will be willing to pay for December in storage and/or room. If I can somehow push it till mid to end December, great, more cash, only: time, weather, necessity and opportunity will determine when I actually go in for winter.

Well, off to work now.

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