Thursday 30 October 2014

Something’s Gotta Give

Okay, I still haven’t setup Jenny, but I plan to do so tonight. Since I was able to plug in, the immediate need was over and I didn’t want to be doing this in the dark after work. I know that tonight is the night though, I have to do it.

Last night I needed to do a bit of grocery shopping, and I wanted to look at the back of Treabilla’s box to see if there was any way to rearrange the stuff so there was room for Jenny back there. 

I plan to put Jenny in the back driver’s side of the box on a rubber mat and secured to the box by chains. When I run her I will roll the tonneau cover back while she is running and until after she has cooled down. There is room for Jenny, but my bike will have to go. I may hide the bike in some obscure corner of work for the time being. 

I know that eventually I will have to get a bike rack, a larger tow vehicle or some more storage somewhere. For now, Jenny is a greater priority than my bike, so it gets shoved out. With my bike stored like it is in the back of Trea, it has not been convenient to use, so I have not ridden much this summer. 

Tonight I will setup, test and secure Jenny in the back of Treabilla. Tomorrow afternoon I will let her run for a few hours to charge up Wanda’s batteries as a test. 

This weekend I will get caught up on my accounting, I haven’t done any of it since June, so there is a lot of entries to do and a lot of receipts to sort out and file away. I am bad, I know, I have been putting it off and shoving my receipts and check stubs into my briefcase. This must stop, I have to buckle down and get caught up. 

I did get a chapter done today, and it turned out well, now on to Brian’s chapter, his last pre-written chapter for a while. I was able to time it right that he is joining the Lancaster army at the same time that Treabilla is joining The Sisterhood. I hope and plan to keep this equal pace going for the rest of the book. 

I had planned to take a nice sunrise shot but the world is fogged over. I did wake up in a better mood and while I need to work on my negativity, I am generally in a better mood, so I wanted to reflect this. 

I tend to get worked up over things happening far away which anger and upset me. This makes no sense because, in reality do not affect me and I have no control over them. I need to just let the troubles of the world go and focus on me and my life and how to make it and me a better person. 

That stubborn ‘I’m not leaving’ streak reared its head this morning. No matter how cold it gets, I do not want to rent a room this winter, I want to stay in Wanda, somewhere, someway, somehow. She is my home, and I do not wish to leave her.   

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