Tuesday 4 August 2015

Home Meh Home

It was good for me to stay in the same place for a week and I did have a good and productive weekend of writing. Version Three of Book Two is coming along with ideas flowing well. It looks like I am on a roll, finally.

I am up to Chapter eight of this new version. There is more tension and drama as we focus in on the shadow world of The Sisterhood that Brian has been dragged down into. As well, there is less fragmentation of storylines with this version.

The campsite that I have been staying in sure has some nice amenities but the sites themselves are packed in rather tightly together, with minimal space between them. The other odd thing is that you back up on the same gravel ‘road’ to your neighbour’s unit with no clearly defined boundaries. Add to this the single lane roads and you have a tough time backing in and maneuvering those long trailers.

I understand that it is a business and that they make more money with more sites. There comes point where you get that feeling when you are just packed in too tight. You could almost pass a jar of mustard from your unit to your neighbours through the windows.

It was nice to stay in one place and disconnect from Wanda for a while. Steady power and steady water were a nice luxury for me. The internet which had download limits that cut you off was a bit frustrating and even then they wouldn’t let you do much on the internet. 

Rules, limits and restrictions were the norm at this place. Again, it was a nice place but there was no privacy at the campsites and a lot of rules. Even the firepits were: small, poorly placed and even then on the grass with no gravel around it. 

Even if there was a firepit on my site, I wouldn’t dare light a fire in one for fear of setting the grass on fire. That seemed to be what others were thinking as well as I don’t remember seeing anyone using any of the firepits.

This is a campsite intended for transients, yet you could stay there longer. If their rates were a bit more reasonable and if they were open in the winter, I may have considered wintering over there. 

I packed up this morning and went to work, again it only took half an hour to pack-up and get rolling.  Back to my usual routine I go, I hope to keep the momentum of writing going so I can finish this book and move on to the next one. 

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