Wednesday 12 August 2015

Fun or Frugal?

It is now August and the constant pace of life is starting to drag on me. My thoughts have thus turned to perhaps spending a week at a campsite to rest and relax. I certainly could use it, and it has been a long and rough year, so I have earned it, right? 

That is when my other side kicks in, the one which has been dominating my thinking this past two years . . . the frugal side. 

The fun side of me says that I only live once and that the summers are finite and so let’s go. Heck, let’s take two weeks and go to the coast to see the family! 

The frugal side then runs the numbers and gives the fun side a smack up side the head.  Either choice would push me back paying off my credit cards, as it is I am in the dangerous territory of not having my debts finally under control by that two year anniversary of starting this journey.

This is the inner struggle that we all face, between our fun side and our frugal side. I may still take a week off and try to find a nice spot of crown land to stay at, or just stay in my western home. Most likely I will just keep pressing on, in order to save cash and keep this journey moving forward. 

Just to show that I do notice the nice things in life, here is your sunrise shot.

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  1. You need to remember to keep yourself healthy, balanced and charged with the will to continue along the path. For that reason you need to find a way to restore balance and a week of staring at a campfire is a pretty frugal way to get that accomplished in my mind. Your costs will be negligble (you still have to eat) but you will have to pay for the site (unless you find some nice crown land, Waiparous creek has both crown land and some inexpensive campsites (my favorite has free firewood). And you are too far away from civilization to buy anything! Here is the link to that campground