Monday 10 August 2015

I Made the News Again!

I was contacted last week by a reporter from Metro News here in Calgary wanting to do a follow up article to the one done a year ago. In essence they wanted to see if I was still at it and how things were going.

On Wednesday I had my interview with Lucie, from the Metro News team, in my western home. I sat down with Lucie and talked to her about my journey as we had a great chat. We talked about: what motivates me, how I have been able to do this, the high points, the low points and yes the people I see on the same journey as me.

Lucie asked a lot of great questions and was genuinely interested in my journey and what I had to say. She had a keen and inquisitive mind, key traits needed for a successful reporter. She did, however, make one mistake . . . she asked me what book I was writing . . . there went ten minutes.

It was nice to talk to her though, so I could get the word out that there are more people than just me out here living in RV’s full time. The numbers of people I see living full time, even in winter, in these RV’s are growing. I am out here by choice to pay down bills, but I wonder how many of them are doing the same thing as me, or just can’t afford to rent a place.

It wasn’t until the following day that the talented and enigmatic ‘Jenny’ came by, also in my western home, to take pictures of me and various aspects of Wanda. As far as I understand, her camera is still working, thank you very much.

Jenny had a great eye and a talent for taking interesting shots of common things. Most of them are not displayed here, but her talent was clearly there as was her natural curiosity to explore the world through her camera lens. I wonder if she works in film or has thought about getting behind a film camera.

I will now have to find a copy of this newspaper, so I can frame it and put it up on the wall, next to last year’s article.

Here is the article


  1. I read this article today at lunch... its now 9:56 after i spent the last 5 hours reading the entire blog. Thanks for writing it. I find your story both compelling and ... what is the word ? Frustrating ? I went through my own debt hell and like you vowed to see myself through the other side and did. I also often wonder what it would be like to live in my RV (not just for fun) and thats part of what really compelled me to read everything. I would love to buy you a coffee sometime ( I am in Calgary and work all over ). As a 15 yr RV'er with my family I would also offer to lend my advise if you need it as I had no choice but to work through burst pipes, dead water pumps, wacky electrical connections and everything else you can think of. RSVP if you are interested but I have subscribed to the blog now and will follow along! Totally a chance discovery as I read Metro about as much as i read the legal documents that come with my insurance....