Friday 31 July 2015

Oh Look, I’m Home for the Long Weekend

My friend did leave yesterday to go back home with her kids and doggie, but later than planned. She had planned to leave mid-morning and drop off the keys to Wanda to me at work . . . but the day away from her and she ended up meeting me back at the campground. 

We had a nice evening visiting before she headed off back home to be reunited with a forlorn kitty (who had a kitty-sitter).  I had arranged to extend my stay until this morning, but I got thinking. 

Why leave a campground just before the long weekend when I can stay here for the weekend? I decided to splurge and so I will be here till Tuesday morning. I was able to sweet talk them to upgrade me from the daily rate to the weekly rate, so it wasn’t so bad.

The campground itself is to the east of Calgary yet still on, or just off of, the Trans-Canada Highway.  The spaces are intriguingly designed so that you back up to the space across from you (behind you). What this means, as it did for me, was that if nobody is there, you can drive through the space behind you to line up nicely in your spot. 

There are a lot of things to do for families, as in a small mini-golf course, a patio and even a few caged bunnies and peacocks. There are also the necessities such as a small store for essentials and treats and yes washrooms and yes Laundry. 

So I will pick up my mail after work and go back to the campsite to do my laundry there, instead of my usual laundromat in town. The nice thing with being at a campsite when things get hot is that I can use my air conditioning and yes even my ‘storage cupboard’ (microwave)!  

As far as writing this morning, no, that was a write off as I was so tired that I slept in. I will get to writing this weekend and at the very least get that chapter in my head written. I do like how this chapter is shaping up and slowly the revised storyline is forming.

All in all, it looks like it will be a good weekend.

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