Friday 28 August 2015

Two Weeks Until my Vacation

Seriously, it’s two weeks to the day until I leave for my much needed break. I will enjoy relaxing in the serene surroundings of nature and unwind. Not that I am counting the days but it is fourteen days and six hours until my wheels are rolling out of town.

The first bit of positive news is that Card #1 and Card #2 paid off. There is something special in login in and seeing a zero balance on a credit card, or in my case, both of the active ones. The second bit of positive news is that I should be able to pay for the week without using a credit card. We shall see how that goes, in practice, but if I end up with a few hundred on a card, that will not slow down Card #3’s ramped up (and full force) paydown.

I had an inspired morning today and finished a chapter that I had started yesterday. This was one of those good ones, which just flowed out and was a joy to read as I wrote. It is hard to describe, but when you know your characters as well as I do, sometimes all you have to do is put them in the same room and see (or in my case record) what happens. (No, my characters are not the little voices in my head, I just know them really well).

The smoke is still in the area and while the view of the red (as in blood red) sun was cook peeking through the smoke and clouds, I couldn’t get an interesting shot. So, there will be no red dot on a sea of gray photo for you today. 

Work approaches, and I do hope that this inspiration continues and I can get going on this book and get it done soon. Mainly because I want to see how it turns out, and the next one promises to be chocked full of action this one is setting things up with tension and drama.

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