Tuesday 18 August 2015

Card #2’s Days are Numbered

I did a preliminary budget yesterday, based on what I estimated my paycheque will be and what Card #2’s balance should be, come Saturday. It will be tight, as in insanely tight, but I can do it, I can pay off Card #2 this Saturday. 

I have food and supplies, enough to last me and with a minimal amount of cash on hand I can make it through till the next payday. It is important to me to get this card done, on this payday.

I can then begin the real work on Card #3 as I try to pay it down by the end of October, if possible. This will be a tight and probably unrealistic goal. Most likely it will be paid off by early November, but we shall see. (One thing is for certain is that there is a nice funeral pyre in Card #3’s future . . . yes indeed.)

I did get up and I did work on the book, though progress is slow. I was able to get the main thrust of this chapter started and I am on track to finish it off tomorrow. Again, the progress is slow, but at least I am nudging this book forward, and I don’t have a specific deadline.

As far as my doing my dishes go, I am two for two . . . I did them this morning too. They say that it is three weeks to set a new habit; we shall see how this goes.

Again it is these thoughts of the future and envisioning my completed goals which keeps me going through what I am going through now. As always, keep positive and keep moving forward.

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