Wednesday 19 August 2015

I Got Shoved Out the Door, Sorta

I got told yesterday by my boss that I need to take a vacation in September. Now, it wasn’t an order, not really, but more like a friend or co-worker saying “trust me, you need a break.”

So there I was looking at the prospects of taking a tour of the lovely Walmart parking lots around Calgary. It wasn’t long after that, that I started searching online for camping deals. I found one not too hideous in price for a week in a nice spot . . . so I booked it. I will take my vacation in the middle of September. 

The nice thing is that I didn’t need to pay for it all at once, so I have this payday and next to save up a bit towards it, thereby lessoning the impact to Card #1. I will put this trip on Card #1, because this is the card that I always pay down to nothing each month. As well, I can see this card and its balance each time I log into my online banking.

One way or another, this card will be paid off by the end of September as well as the full $1500.00 will go towards Card #3. I can do this and still get my vacation, in that undisclosed location. Yes, Card #2 will be paid off in full this Saturday, vacation or no, that thing will die.

I am sure that I will just plop and not move for the first day or two. While I can’t really afford it, I can make it work and yes, I know that I need the break. For those of you who feel so motivated, I am now graciously accepting donations towards the vacation fund.

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