Tuesday 25 August 2015

How Trash Becomes a Memento

A few years ago I was dating a woman, who happened to aboriginal. This is not the intriguing part as her heritage was neither here nor there as far as I was concerned. The reasons we got together and broke up had nothing to do with her ethnicity. 

More to the point is the fact that we were about to go on a road trip and she decided that she wanted to do some sort of blessing on the truck for a safe journey. So, off to the reserve we went so she could buy the required eagle feather.

She did the blessing and we brought that feather with us and all was well on the trip. Time passed and we broke up. After moving her out to her new place I found that she had left that feather behind. 

I knew enough to know that just throwing an eagle feather away was wrong, so I kept it. Even through all of the pairing down and getting rid of most of what I owned, I kept it. For the longest time I just kept this feather pinned to my goal board. This weekend I finally bought a frame and a bit of fabric to display that feather in a manner in which it deserves. 

To me, this feather, which was discarded or left behind intentionally, is my little lucky charm. Not that I really believe in such things, but it has become special to me. Not that I miss the ex-girlfriend who bought it. I wish her well and all that, I just hope that she stays far away from me, thanks. 

It is just interesting how some things become special to us over time. Just as this one feather, once discarded, now holds an honoured place on my wall.

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