Wednesday 5 August 2015

So, This Happened . . .

After work I went out to do a bit of grocery shopping and while trying to navigate a tight turn in a parking lot, while not hitting that inconsiderate car coming towards me, I jumped a curb. 

No big, deal, I have done this before, one side of Wanda’s tires goes up and around a curb. Well, this time I heard a crash coming from within Wanda.

I parked and went inside Wanda to see this . . . 

I did what I sometimes do in these situations: 

1) Got mad
2) Deny, deny, deny!
3) Storm off and fume
4) Calm down
5) Clean up
6) Adjust and deal with it

I do allow myself the time to get mad and be illogical as I scream that such a bad thing hasn’t happened. It is a good, and needed, emotional release. I know that it serves no purpose. 

I knew, even as I first saw the dishes lying there on the floor all smashed up that there was nothing to do but clean up and move on. Yet I still needed that release of emotion. 

It was just one of those things which happen. Perhaps I didn’t shove the dishes back in far enough, perhaps I should have put the dishes in a different place or put a special lock on it. 

What I am saying is that when you get mad, let yourself get mad . . . for like two minutes, tops. Then, calm down, be rational, logical, sensible and deal with whatever needs to be dealt with.

I thought about buying a new set of dishes but realized that the main casualties were my large dinner plates. I lost all but one of them and only a few of the smaller plates. With it just being little old me in Wanda, I will be fine with the plates I have, after all, my bowls didn’t move at all.

Such is life and I have been lucky that this hasn’t happened before now. 

I did get back to my usual parking spot before that massive storm hit. I was going to take a picture of it, but you couldn’t see out of the windows, so I decided against it. Wanda was rocking back and forth from the wind but I was warm and dry with my windows and vents sealed shut. 

The bit of fun (and cursing) came when my propane tank decided in the middle of the storm was the time to run out. Sure, I have another tank and all it takes is closing one valve, opening the other and flipping the switch to change which tank I am drawing from. Those are located outside of Wanda, at the front.

With it being sheet rain coming down outside it was not fun and I wanted to just wait and ride it out. I was in the middle of cooking, however, so I had to brave it, so out I went. In my: hat, rain jacket, shorts and sandals, but I got it done. 

I made more of that taco stuff, for my dinners, just a small batch of only four pounds, but I have food, for a few weeks, all for less than twenty bucks. 

The writing is coming a bit slow, but I do have a good idea formed for this chapter, a fresh and new chapter. I know that it will come and that my progress will continue at a steady pace. 

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