Tuesday 11 August 2015

Sluggish Progress is Okay.

I have now completed half of a chapter that I started Sunday and worked on yesterday morning. I am sure that it will take a few mornings to finish it, but I have a good idea on what to do with the second half of this chapter. The pace of this book is going slower than the previous book because this book is all new material.

The previous book was heavily based on a screenplay that I had written, thus it was just a matter of converting the screenplay to the novel form. This is an in-depth look into the world of The Sisterhood, which is delightfully disturbing, and is mostly new material, going in a new direction. 

I know that the pace will increase as in the past chapters have flown out of me. This story is a bit more complex and not as straightforward, there are so many options and possible directions on how to take it. 

The pace of my writing will pick up, and let’s face it, I do not have a deadline to meet. My goal is to write the best book that I can and make it a book that I want to read, and hope others do too. 

As long as I am steadily moving forward on this project, that is okay. Just like paying down my bills, as long as I am steadily working on it, slow progress is okay. 

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