Monday 24 August 2015

Celebrate Your Achievements

There is something nice in pausing to recognize when you have done something you set out to do. For me, this weekend, it was burning those little reminder notes that I post up above my fridge. 

Each time I achieve one of these goals I reward myself by finally destroying that constant reminder of the goal yet unfulfilled. So when I finally do achieve that goal, be it pay my cell bill or finally pay off a credit card, I delight in its destruction, I even bought a new metal plate to safely do just that.

I used to just rip them up and toss them away, but with this one, this Card #2 I wanted to really celebrate as it was a big one. Now I can focus on Card #3, and of course paying off that upcoming mini-vacation which will take place in the middle of next month. Some people go to Cuba or Mexico while I drive a little over an hour away (sigh) to do what I do every other day of the year . . . camp.

I am focussed on what I need to do and I am really looking forward to the day when Card #3 is finally paid off and done.  For that celebration I will build a mini funeral pyre and burn that chopped up card on it. I will even use the reminder note as fire starter. Yes, as I have said before, I will post that video.

I expect to pay it off, most likely by the last payday in November, if I am lucky by the first payday in November. Either way it will be paid off before my two year anniversary of starting this journey (and blog).

Celebrating your achievements is important, as it will help motivate you to move towards your next goal. For me, this is what my goal board looks like now.

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