Thursday 27 August 2015

Lessons From a Spider

Okay, for the last week or so, I have been fighting with a spider. No, it isn’t a 90 foot, fire-breathing tarantula, hell bent on world domination. No, I have been struggling with a plain old, regular spider. 

Perhaps “Regular” is not the right term for this plucky little guy, as he just won’t give up. You see, this brainiac has decided that the best place for him to build his spider web is between Treabilla’s right side mirror and the side window. 

At first I figured that the wind would take care of it for me . . .  nope.  The combination of the wind shielding characteristics of the side mirror and how this little guy engineered that web meant it was fine despite a trip down the Deerfoot trial (a local freeway).

So I smashed and destroyed his handiwork as soon as I parked and told him that it served him right. He shook his little fist at me and swore to rebuild. I laughed, but the next day after work, there he was sunning himself on his new web.

Again I smashed it and again he rebuilt it, I even made sure to remove all of the web components and drop it on the ground, in nearby grass, hoping to give him a hint. The struggle remains to this day, I destroy his web he still rebuilds it. 

It just irks me that he is still there decorating my truck in such a manner. As yet I have not bought a can of raid or will do anything so drastic. I don’t want to kill him just “actively encourage him to seek other accommodations.” 

Maybe he just wants to see the wide world. Perhaps he likes the rush of the wind blowing through his hair as we drive down the road. Whatever the reason, I am sure that he and his web will be back. 

His plucky determination to stick with his plan means that I admire him. We can all learn something from a spider who just won’t give up and keeps on rebuilding, each time he is dealt a setback.

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