Thursday 6 August 2015

Not Unscathed, But Still Okay

I was driving after work yesterday towards an appointment when the rain hit. I was on the freeway and in the middle lane when the hail hit. I was then stuck siting a few hundred feet before an overpass as it continued to pelt down. 

A few cars took refuge under the overpass and refused to move further, blocking up the freeway. All I could do was sit there and hope for the best as it hit. Each hailstone sounded like a boulder hitting Trea or Wanda. I glumly sat there and awaited my fate, unable to do anything else. 

I got to where I was going on time and that was good, but it wasn’t until later that evening that I noticed it, this.

This is a shot of my bathroom vent, from the inside, that light area is the hole in my bathroom vent. I have been lucky so far with regards to these storms. If this is the only damage I have sustained, I am still lucky. 

I have a garbage bag taped up on the inside of the vent to keep the water out. This weekend I will buy another vent and figure out just how to put that up there. I hope I can replace it from the inside, as I have no ladder to get on the roof. 

With regards to writhing, I did get half a chapter written today and have a clear idea on what to write for the other half. The title of this chapter may change yet, depending on how this other half goes, but we shall see what happens.  I am just happy that this minor rut is over and that the progress on this book continues. 

I always do strive to keep a positive attitude and not see the negativity that is in the world. This is a challenge when some of that negativity comes from me. 

Your reality shall be what you focus on, so if you focus on negativity, you will only see, and be surrounded by, negativity. If you instead focus on being positive and progress, you shall manifest that. 

So I will focus on my debts being eliminated and churning out book after book. I will not always be mired in debt and living in my trailer, but for now it is what I need to do, to get where I am going.

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