Friday 21 August 2015

Rainy Day, Sunny Outlook

It is dark and raining this morning, yet all I can think about is how we need this water for drinking water and irrigation. Not only that but a wet forest is much less likely to burn . . . and I like trees. 

I am not a ‘whistling Dixie out of my butt’ kind of eternal optimist, as I do have my down days. I do try to ‘Always look on the bright side of life’ as it were. Again, this is a struggle as there are so many things to get you down and depress you. 

Since I have to live with myself, I might as well be a decent person to live with. Others can walk away from my bad mood, I can’t. 

Today I get my paycheque, so I can budget and plan out what to do with it tonight, so I can deposit it tomorrow morning. Here is hoping that it will be just a bit larger than I expected, so my budget doesn’t have to be so drastic.

One way or another, I will: pay off Card #2, get what groceries I need, and keep moving forward towards my goal. What helps me do this is a positive attitude. What helps me keep that positive attitude is to choose to see the things that I do right, rather than focus on what I do wrong.

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