Wednesday 26 August 2015

Calgary’s Starman in Trouble

I have long known and said that I am not the only person out here living in an RV. Many people live in RV’s for many different reasons. Some are like me who are looking for a way to get ahead. Some are living in the area temporarily in order to work, make money and keep the maximum amount of the money they earn. Then there are those who have little other choice, those who are, shall we say, down on their luck. 

I am not an expert on this man’s case, nor have I spoken to him, so I only know what I have read or heard in various news reports. From what I understand he gets by picking pop bottles and other recyclable materials, so his cash flow is, shall we say, less than desirable. At least his is doing something to better his situation and that needs to be recognized and commended.

Essentially the crux of the situation is that he owns an old and “classic” motorhome that was given to him by a friend two years ago. Apparently the motor in it is shot and so it was towed to its current location in a nearby industrial park where it has sat for the last two years. 

A little girl drew a star on this motorhome and this inspired him paint it up in a colourful star field display. The real problem started when someone apparently complained and bylaw enforcement came by. The motorhome is either being impounded or at least there is the threat of it being impounded.

I do feel for this man and wish for the best resolution to the situation. Like me, this is his house, and everything he owns is contained therein.  I can only imagine the feeling of having all that taken away, pause and think about that for a moment.

I know that the eyes of the law could turn towards me and cause me trouble just as easily, should they so desire. I trust that they have a thousand better things to do than harass little old me. Here are a few lessons, one could learn from this situation, not that I wish to get preachy or talk down about this individual. This is just for learning and self-improvement.

For one, since the vehicle is not running it has been sitting on a public street, rather on the service access road in an industrial area for two years. This permanently takes this space up and nobody else can use it, or has the opportunity to use it. 

Public streets are there for the public’s use, not any one particular individual. I move around every twelve hours so that others have the opportunity to use that space. There have been many times where one of my usual spots is taken up by another vehicle, so I go park somewhere else, that’s life.

Since this vehicle is not running I am not even sure if it has current registration and insurance. This is my supposition, so do not take this as actual fact. If this is true, this then makes it a road hazard and it cannot be legally moved. What’s more it is my understanding that all vehicles must have current registration and insurance to be parked on a street. 

I do hope that things work out for this guy and if there was a crowd funding campaign of some sort to fix his motorhome I would chip in twenty bucks. 

I always try my best to be as considerate of others and share the road while I am out here. Sharing the road and understanding that the street or parking lot space that you are parked on is not yours. So never treat it like it is yours or you have a right to be there long term. I never run my generator at night and only do so for a few hours in the evening. These are just a few of my observations, so keep this in mind if you out there living in your RV or thinking of doing so. 

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