Friday 14 August 2015

Say Hello to my Little Friend!

Forgive me, I couldn’t resist using that quote. For those of you who don’t get the Scarface reference, don’t worry about it. 

Yesterday my telescoping ladder arrived and it ended up being as good and handy as I hoped it would be. This is a 3.8 Meter (or 12.46 Foot) ladder when fully extended or just a few feet tall when packed away.  

An interesting note with the next two photos, the camera was leveled perfectly. The ground and therefore Wanda (and I) are sloped and a bit crooked (or some might say kinky).

This is the ladder when fully compacted.

These are the sliding lock releases.

These sliding lock releases allow you to shorten the ladder by bringing one rung down at a time. To extend the ladder you just pull up and the rung will slide up and lock when fully extended. You keep doing this one rung at a time until either your ladder is tall enough, or fully extended.

This is the ladder when fully extended.

    The following are a few shots of the roof of Wanda, just for fun and to prove that I did get up on the ladder.

This is the damage that I discovered to the cover of my refrigerator vent. This was the other damage due to the hailstorm. 

While this ladder is handy for all kinds of uses, as it is compact and yet is sturdy and strong, for an RV it is essential. With this, I can easily store it in the back of Trea, but I can also use it to get up on the roof of Wanda to do repairs or clean. 

This will enable me to replace that cracked bathroom vent cover myself . . . but maybe not this weekend, as it looks like it will rain all weekend.

If you do some internet searches you can get this ladder for a decent price. I was able to get mine for a little under $140.00 with delivery included. 

Once again, for no reason, and just because it looked spectacular, here is today’s sunrise pic.

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