Monday 17 August 2015

Pluckiness and Positivity Begets Progress

I have said this before and I will say it again, not to be preachy, but because it bears repeating. Whatever it is that you are doing, if it is important to you, stick with it. 

Be determined to keep working at it and keep moving forward, no matter what. Some days you will do nothing, some days you will do next to nothing, other days you will do considerably more. If your goal is important enough to you, keep going no matter what the setbacks.

I have had a number of setbacks and I am way beyond my initial goal that I had set out for myself when I started all of this. In fact my end goal has changed and shifted and will likely shift again, you know what, that’s life.

By the time my second anniversary came around, I was supposed to have paid off my credit cards and had close to 20K in the bank. Clearly, that will not happen, but I did not give up, I stuck with it. I rolled with whatever came my way and kept going, keeping my eye on my primary goal of paying off those credit cards.

It has been a struggle to remain positive and I do have my down days where I question everything and all of my choices in life. Again, we are all human, so we all have those days. You pick yourself up, dust yourself off and set off again.  

Progress is progress, and worth celebrating before moving on. This morning I did a little happy dance because I did my morning dishes before leaving for work. If I don’t do this, since I live alone, I have this bad habit of just ignoring my dishes until the following Sunday and doing a large pile of the week’s worth of dishes . . . not cool. 

The point is to pause to congratulate yourself when you do something right, or if you do an action or activity that you are trying to change. As in my case, I will congratulate myself for doing my dishes before work or before bed. This may seem silly but it will encourage that behaviour in the future . . . so ends theory.

This weekend I made another batch of my Taco stuff, this time I added a bag of mixed vegies which I simmered and cooked in an onion soup mix first. I still treated the hash browns like meat, and all that, the result was amazing. Here is what I got out of it.

This should keep me fed for a month or so and will lower my food bills for the foreseeable future. 

What is really picking up my spirits is the fact that payday is this Saturday. This is not just any payday but the payday that Card #2 is finally back down to zero . . . again. 

After this, after Saturday, it is all Card #3 and I can focus on that final and dreaded card. I will rejoice once it is done, truly I shall. I will even cut it up and burn it (yes I saved the physical card to do just that) . . . expect to see the video of this celebration.  

This card has been turned off since 2011 and yet I have been paying the interest on it, just like it was active, since then. I was told that I could apply for a new card if I wanted but this card is dead. 

Nobody from this institution had contacted me at all to see about getting a new card or how I was doing. Even when I call them their “Customer Service” people talk about policy and what not . . . I call them “Hubots” . . . “Human Robots.” So no, this is not an institution that I wish to do business with again.

Again, the point is to stay positive and keep moving forward. A good tip is to envision where you want to be and remind yourself why you are doing what it is that you are doing. For me, I am living in my RV now so I can take control of my life in the future, go where I want and perhaps even finally buy some land . . . and a house. 

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