Monday 6 July 2015

Nice Weather and the Laundry Experiment.

This weekend I was not scorched or cooked in Wanda, nor was it so cold that I had to turn the furnace on. So all in all it was a good weekend. I liked it. 

I still haven’t fixed up my bike or gone for a ride yet. I will repeat my mantra . . . perhaps this weekend (when I am at McLean Creek). 

Since this upcoming weekend is my one year anniversary of living in Wanda full time, I have arranged for Friday off. 

The trouble is that when I booked the trip to McLean Creek, I didn’t book Thursday night as well. So I am left with a day to do something with, Friday Daytime. I will have this week to think of what to do with that day, perhaps stay in town and go for a hike or see something nice. Hmm. don’t know. 

I tried out a theory with a pair of shorts I wear all the time after work. The material is thin so it is breezy and cool in that hot weather. As you can imagine it needs a wash now and again, so I decided to see if I could do this at home. 

What I did was put the shorts in an empty coffee can (rinse it out first) with a bit of water and soap. What you do next is shake that thing like a martini shaker (preferably over the bathtub). Then after a quick rinse, just hang them dry. 

This was the challenging bit as I have no laundry line nor any bar long enough to drape my shorts over and let them dry properly. After a bit of trial and error, I came up with this.

What this is, is my shorts hanging upside down by two ‘pants hangers’ these are the hangers with two sticks that are pressed together to hold up the bottoms of pants, so you can hang them straight. 

I simply attached one to each leg and hung it up by precariously balancing the hook on the shower curtain rail. It should be dry by tonight, and I hope clean. I still would like to get one of those “human powered washing machines,” but this will do in a pinch (but not all the time).

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