Wednesday 8 July 2015

Card Chomping

Due to the fact that the boss went on vacation during this pay period and that I was reeeeaaaly busy when he was gone, this payday was larger than usual (yay) . . . no you can’t borrow any cash, as I am broke again. 

With some scrimping and conservative (yet not insane) budgeting, I was able to take an equal bite out of both Card #2 and Card #3. This will keep my Card #3 paydown on schedule and increase the speed of Card #2’s demise. I know that paydays like this are few and far between, so I take advantage of them when I can. 

I think I know what I will do with that spare day for me. I am going to spend the day going for a nice bike ride in our river valley trail system, perhaps heading towards downtown, I am not sure, it should be fun.

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