Wednesday 29 July 2015

I Got Invaded Again

All was quiet this morning as the tired little bodies lay asleep in their beds, with one spilling over to the floor. Even in my bed I was not alone as I had three (including one micro-miniature invader). 

The only movement was either me sneaking around getting ready for the day as quietly as possible or the odd sleepyhead stirring in their sleep.

Why were six bodies added to Wanda’s usual compliment of one? A friend of mine had to come down to the city for a couple of days, running errands and needed a place to stay. 

Okay, she really was down for one day but we decided to extend it to two nights. I agreed to move to a nearby campsite for a couple of days so she could bring her kids (and Chihuahua) down.

So that was how: my friend, her four kids, and one dog came to stay in Wanda. So far it has been a pleasant interruption of my usual routine and I look forward to the real visit tonight. Last night was a bit rushed and there were frazzled nerves galore, but all survived with no bloodshed.

I was going to take a picture of the serene scene that I described this morning but decided against it. I will try take a shot of everyone tonight though.

What this means is that I wasn’t able to write this morning and won’t tomorrow morning either. That’s okay, I have an idea for the newest chapter itching to go. Hopefully it will flow out of me Friday morning, so I can really get going for the weekend.

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