Tuesday 14 July 2015

Odd Wakeup

I did sleep well and did wake up when I planned to, but then went back to sleep and dozed for the next few hours; until it happened. 

There I was, half awake, eyes closed and in that place partly awake, partly asleep and debating the merits of getting up vs staying in bed a little longer. 

As you may remember I have three hooks in the ceiling of Wanda so I can hang three of those IKEA tealight lamps. This way, in the darkness of winter, I can see, yet not waste my batteries. 

Well what I heard sounded like one of those lamps was up there and shaking back and forth, until it came off of that hook. 

That lamp then fell down and hit my ankle where the little door opened up and the candle tumbled out of it where it and the lamp rolled off of the bed and into my garbage can. 

All this happened while my eyes were closed but from sound and feel I could tell what was happening. 

There is just one problem, all three tealight lamps were still in the side cupboard, where they have been for a few months now. I didn’t have said lamp up nor did anything drive by so fast and so close that would have shook said lamp that badly. 

The feeling I got was not one of threat or imminent danger, but rather that of someone telling me to get my butt out of bed and face the day.

Quite an interesting tale, to say the least, the question remains, was it just a case of my imagination and the dream-state mixing with the waking world, or am I not alone in my Wanda after all? 

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