Wednesday 15 July 2015

I Found a New RV Alley

So there I was, needing a place to park so I could buy a bit of groceries and look for a tune-up kit for Jenny. I had to do a bit of shopping last night so I moseyed on down to my local big box open mall. I didn’t feel like driving back to my usual parking spot afterwards, so I needed to find someplace to park for the night near there. 

The trouble was that all of the parking lots in this area have been cut down in size, as the outlying and underused areas of the parking lots are being turned into new retail space. From what I can see, unless you advertise the crap out of your business, this is where new start-ups go to die.

The one nice thing about unfinished developments is the fact that there are those lovely streets which go off to nowhere. Or those streets that ring around behind a large development for no good reason. They are there to leave the developers the option to develop the other side of that street and expand. 

I found a nice spot to park along one of those streets. Behind my grocery store and another big box store there was one of those ring roads to nowhere. Along there were a few other RV units parked, so I joined them. I have yet tried to start an impromptu tailgate party or other such BBQ.

I was able to buy my half a bag of groceries but not able to find that tune-up kit for Jenny; I will have to order that online . . . ah well. So if you are ever stuck for a place to park and snooze, look for those roads to nowhere. It is a pity that this place is not closer to work or I may even try to park there for the week.

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