Thursday 2 July 2015

A Happy Humpday

I didn’t do anything special for Canada Day, I just relaxed in my western home. I thought about going downtown to see the sights and/or fireworks but the thought of trying to find parking down there prevented me from going. 

I suppose I could have taken the bus or left Wanda somewhere and drove down anyways. I still have a problem with leaving Trea and/or Wanda anywhere for too long. Let’s face it, everything I own is contained in those two. As you can understand, leaving them anywhere for a long period of time is not a nice thought for me. Even parking up the street while at work, gives me a very minor moment of pause. 

It was nice to relax and rest, personally I think every Humpday should be celebrated like this; this splits the week up nicely. For me, it is only a day and a half to go till the weekend. This weekend, I hope it will not be too hot, so I can go for a bike ride. I am still trying to figure out how to get to Stampede and even if I should go, as I hate to go do stuff like this alone. Ah well, I have seen it, been there, done that.

On the weekend I saw something interesting; I saw a young woman seemingly to be living in her van. It was a brown van from the late seventies or early eighties. It had a large window in the side and barn doors on the side, instead of a sliding door. I am not even sure if it had a kitchenette in it, nor did I see what was inside. 

I watched her come and go, dressed nicely with a small backpack. I guessed that she was looking for work with a pack of resumes in her backpack while walking around talking to the many businesses around. 

I almost went over to talk to her but decided against it. I would probably have made her nervous or seemed like I was the creepy old dude hitting on her. She could see that I was there, if she needed help, she could always have asked. 

I have noticed more and more people living in RV’s in my western home and in other places. It is rumored that some are here from other provinces working and sending money home. I don’t know why they are here, I just know that our numbers are growing. Something to think about.

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