Tuesday 7 July 2015

Payday Plans

Okay, this time I have not received my paycheque the night before, as often I do. So this means that I can’t properly budget anything ahead of time for what to do with my paycheque. 

This is frustrating, what I would like to do is sit down the night before and plan out exactly what to do. Instead I will have to try to do a bit of rushed budgeting at the end of the day. I know what I need to do at the bank and that is enough for now. 

I will plan out exactly how much to put on what card and what to set aside tonight. I hope to pay off Card #2 today. My focus will then shift to Card # 3 next month.

I also look forward to my minibreak and impromptu long weekend. I have not yet decided what to do with that day, but I will do something with it. 

The frustrating thing about how I live is that now and again I get a large truck with its engine idling behind me. Last night, sometime before 3 AM, some truck was behind me with its engine running at a high idle. This was not the chuga-chuga steady diesel thumping that you can almost ignore, no this was a steady running engine. I was tempted to run Jenny just for spite, but decided against it.

Imagine for a moment if someone decided to park a big rig just outside your bedroom and idle its engine half the night. So you can understand why I am just a tad grumpy this morning and tired this morning. Ah well, I will live, and tonight, after running around I will be in my western home with my slide out, out and everything. 

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