Tuesday 28 July 2015

Bad Begets Good

Okay, I don’t know exactly what this means, or the significance it has, but it was cool. I went for a walk and it started to rain, sprinkle really. I was okay, as I was wearing my hat, so I pressed on.

I looked up and saw a rainbow, thought it was cool, snapped a pic and kept walking. 

A short while later I looked again and had a better shot, so I took it.

I kept walking and looked up again and then I noticed it . . . I had to take this shot.

There it is, a Double Rainbow!

As I continued walking occasionally sprinkled by rain a thought came to me, this rainbow would not be possible without the rain. The same is true with regards to many of our better qualities. We are shaped more by the bad things that happen to us, than the good. 

I would never have learned to be so resourceful or that I could truly take charge of my life and my destiny had I not been so mired in debt. Had my boss not made that off the cuff comment to close the shop in frustration, I would never have been spurred on this journey.

Sure, I froze my butt off last winter, but in so doing my fear of winter has gone away. I still respect winter and still loathe the cold, but I do not fear it. I know that I can manage and survive in any weather. In so doing, in so surviving, I have learned to adapt and make the best of any situation that is thrown at me. Keep calm and carry on is not just a slogan, but a great ideal.

To me, these are invaluable skills to have, which will not only let me survive in this life but to thrive. My life will steadily get better and I will not always live in this trailer, but I could, if I chose to. I could even live without this trailer and still be fine; I would adapt. 

I do not hate failure, I welcome it. For while I am not proud of my failures, I know that, just like the bad events that happen to me, they help shape me. In so doing, failure and bad events, beget the good that is in me. Like a sculptor chipping away at a marble statue, the bad chips away at me, revealing the beautiful statue beneath the needless stone; the same is true for you. 

I do not fear the future, I stand up and face it head on; hoping for the best, but prepared for the worst.

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