Friday 17 July 2015

Literary Logjam Cracking

I have been stalled at this certain point in Book Two for some time now, too long as a matter of fact. I have ideas to move the plot forward, but none of them hit me as right. Instead they remain in my head as possible future chapters.

The further complication with this book is the fact that there are a number of smaller plotlines to take a peek at. In general there are three main plotlines (or plot areas) that we look at and fit these others into. It makes sense when you read it (at least I hope it does).

I have recently had an idea to further the one storyline that I have been stuck on along and reintroduce some action into the book. The idea is percolating, but I hope to write this chapter tomorrow and yes finally get moving forward.

As I have said before, I want book two finished even before Book One is getting ready to be published. I hope to be writing Book Three while Book One is released. In essence I want to stay a few books ahead of what is being published. This is to be able to increase the pace of book release, and thereby keeping interest in the series going and a high pitch.

Of course, all this would be helped along, if I had already acquired a few things. Minor items really, trivial details, such as:

An editor
An agent
A publicist
A publisher

I know I could self -publish but that is not for this book series, this series needs to be published in a traditional sense, so as to enable the movie/TV shows that I envision for this franchise (in my head).

For now, I will ponder that pivotal chapter and get ready to write it tomorrow. Off to work I go, to pay the bills.

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