Friday 3 July 2015

The Intriguing Human Body

Okay, this won’t be a biology lesson or contain anything which would make this blog entry anything other than a ‘family blog.’ Why the title? I’m starting to get used to plus this hot weather, that’s why.

I woke up this morning and felt a bit chilly. I looked at my thermometer and found that it was 20C. Last evening I felt fine and comfortable in my shorts (sans T-shirt) when it was plus 30C. 

Sure the blazing sun is warm and makes me sweat but in the shade, with a slight breeze I am fine in 30C, comfortable even. It is funny how six months ago I was comfortable bundled up at 5C, 15C was warm and running around outside in a T-Shirt at -10C was normal. 

We do acclimatize and get used to whatever temperature that we live in. This is how people live and are fine near the equator or up at the poles, we get used to where we are living. This, of course is within reason, as it will be a few thousand years or so before we may learn to breathe under water. 

It is always interesting to note how we, or at least I, get used to one temperature extreme and then have to get used to one in the other direction. Ah well, such is life when you live in a steel box with no air conditioning to speak of and inadequate heating. As always, I will survive and yes thrive, no matter the weather.

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