Thursday 30 July 2015

I’m Not Used to Packing for the Day

I am running late today, not because I left late. Nope, I left with enough time to grab a fast food breakfast and get to work at my usual time. The trouble was that as I stared at the front door to work, I realized that I had forgotten my work keys in Wanda. Wanda was back at the campground. 

We had decided to stay an extra day, because only a sadistic me would have made tired little bodies get up and move before they were fully rested. Imagine mom lugging cranky and tired kids around the city and then going on a road trip home . . . no, not me.

So that was why I didn’t take my home with me to work, as per usual. So this meant that I actually needed to pack a lunch and take it with me. Furthermore I needed to actually plan ahead and take with me all of the stuff that I would need for the day, like my wallet and my work keys. 

I have gotten so used to not having to worry about packing anything, because I take everything with me wherever I go. Thankfully I always get to work with enough time to dash home, if I need to. Ah well, I am here at work with enough time to get going for work. No harm, no foul . . . well, gotta run.

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