Thursday 16 July 2015

Keeping Hope Going

My life is a steady trudge of drudgery where one day slips into the next. Thriftiness has become a way of life, where every thought goes to how to save a bit more and conserve more so I can put that extra bit of saved cash onto a credit card. 

Credit cards; don’t get me started. 

I do all of this to pay this never-ending and wholly unfair business arrangement I made years ago. Yet it was a business deal I agreed to, so I will live up to it. 

Yet with each of these actions and with each dollar put on the credit cards, I am moving that much closer to getting rid of these credit cards. 

I have proven to myself that I can manage credit cards. I have charged things on these cards and paid them off. They do not scare me anymore, I still resent them, but I can use them and not let them overwhelm me. None of them are staying maxed out, with no movement on them at all.

I have made financial gains over this past year and a half. Card #1 is paid off completely, the others I am still working on. I have made significant progress on paying off Card #2, not to mention the steady plodding progress on Card #3 since April. I have stayed out of the overdraft for months now.  Last but not least is the fact that I am on track to having these cards done well before my December 5 deadline, my two year anniversary. 

Still, now and again I need to pause to reflect on the positive things that I have accomplished and less on the tasks left to do. I need to remind myself that I am further down the road towards my goal than it seems at the moment. 

In so doing, I will not only keep my sanity but also help keep hope alive. Sure I live in an RV with no permanent place to park it, but I do have a home. My life is not as bad as I sometimes think it is.

Soon, this phase of my life will be done and I can focus on my future, and savings, rather than paying off the past. For me, that is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

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