Wednesday 22 July 2015

Ducks N’ Trucks

I had a pleasant and relaxing evening and even slept in this morning, it was much needed. Don’t worry, I wasn’t late for work, I just slept through my writing time.

I awoke this morning to the sounds of ducks quacking, birds playing and chirping and trucks roaring by. While this street is not the one that trucks park along, it is still the one they drive on. It is something to get used to, and something I have dealt with before and will do so again.

It is payday and today was supposed to be the day that all of my credit card debt was paid off. That day is now shifted forward a few months to October or perhaps even early November, but it will arrive nonetheless. Today, I will be taking a large bite out of Card #2, and that is a reason to smile.

I have started to mull over ideas for this new version of Book Two, and the slightly different direction that it will be going in. I will get back to it tomorrow, and continue forward.

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