Thursday 23 July 2015

On Track to Success

It is the day after payday, so that delightful short blip where my bank account held a sizable sum is over and done. A meagre pittance is in there now, but my bills are taken care of and I have enough set aside to last me till payday comes around again. 

I took a sizable, larger than usual, bite out of Card #2 and its days are numbered; one payday, perhaps two and it is done and gone. I am still steadily chipping away at Card #3, but once Card #2 is done, the speed of its demise will ramp up considerably. 

I have a good bead on things and while the pace of this paydown is not to my liking, the fact that it is happening and progressing is heartening. Surely there have been setbacks, both ones which life and chance have tossed my way and those that I have made myself. 

Life is a learning experience and we can and will muck up and make mistakes. The thing to do, in order to keep yourself on track to success, is to not let those mistakes drag you down. When mistakes happen: examine them, learn from them, correct them and move on. Do not drag the guilt or self-doubt with you.

If I had not managed to master that (okay, perhaps ‘master’ is a bit of a strong word) then I would have given up on this journey long ago. Success does not come in handling what you do right, real success comes in handling what you do wrong.

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