Tuesday 30 June 2015

Being Water Wise

I was able to make it one full week with only one tank of water. I even had showers each day and yes a couple on the weekend to cool off. This was due to a few factors, I will share them with you now in case you want to be a bit more water wise, or if you ever find that you have to be, as in going through a drought.

The first thing was that I turned down the water pressure for my showers. That means that while I did have hot water and did adjust the water to the right temperature, the amount of water coming out of the shower head was much less. 

First you turn the hot water on a bit more than a trickle and wait for it to warm up, then you turn the cold water on just enough to cool the water down enough to shower. 

This is best done with a movable shower head so you can literally move it over your body and let it trickle down over you. This is not as fun or invigorating as a hot shower at full blast, but you get clean and use much less water.

The next thing to do is to use your drinking/washing water out of a five gallon jug, preferably with a pump on it. This will force you to see how much water you are going through. No more running the water for a minute to let it cool down, just pump and go.

If you have plants, and have to water them, it is possible (check with a garden expert) to use the grey water (the water which goes down the sinks) to water them and save the fresh water for your use.

As well if needed that grey water can be used to flush toilets. Again, I don’t go this far, but if pressed, these are a few ideas. Just using the five gallon jug for my cooking/dish washing/drinking water and the less water for showers has helped reduce my water usage.

This may seem silly, since I have found a free place to get water from and dump my tanks. Yet while this particular gas station is open and busy 24/7 I don’t see a need to abuse the privilege. As well, there most certainly come a day when I must buy my water again, and I want to remain to be water wise. Lest us not forget that winter is coming and with it, comes my forced further water restrictions. Besides, shouldn’t we all be a little more water wise?

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