Friday 5 September 2014

You Don’t Need To Know

Why do you want to know about the charges to that card? It’s a dead card, so you can’t charge anything more to it? So why, why would you want to know about it?
That was the attitude given to me by the ‘ever so delightful’ operator I talked to concerning one card. My largest card has been turned off, meaning I owe them money but I can’t charge anything to it. That doesn’t mean that they can’t still charge things to it.
I also have an accounting system which allows me to download transactions and statements from my banks and credit cards and upload them into it. That way it keeps everything on track and I know at a glance what I owe and what was charged.
I made the mistake of entering the wrong login information too many times on this particular card and they locked me out. Now they tell me that they won’t give me online access but will still send me paper bills. I can still enter the information manually, but it sucks.
I do like to keep on top of what they are charging me so I can (in theory) dispute their charges. We all know that when it comes to charges that the credit company charges you, there is no disputing anything.  This card I hate the most and will pay off last because:
1) It is the largest  
2) They turned it off because I moved and there was an address mixup.
3) Once off they said I would have to ‘apply again’ . . . as if I was a new customer. I didn’t like that, I was insulted, and still am.
I did have a relaxing evening and I slept in this morning. I am still mulling over what and how to tell what Brian gets up to in Egypt. I am even considering if I should just give it a miss and spend a couple of paragraphs on it. Hmm . . .  decisions.
I know that this is a part of the writing process. Sometimes you charge on ahead writing two or three chapters in a day and other times you pause and slow down to write one chapter in two or three days. 
The important thing to remember is to keep doing something on it each day. I will continue to think about it and do a bit of editing, that will keep the process moving forward.
I am going to check on my storage depot place to see if the auction went ahead and if the unit sold. I think so because I haven’t been contacted to pay them any rent for September and it is now the 5th of September. 
Tomorrow I will go back to the library with the parking fanatics, pack a lunch and park across the parking lot. They are apt to blow my truck and trailer in place rather than have it towed.  . . . but the building is nice and I can work in the airy space, quiet atmosphere and the glorious plug in . . . . hmm unfettered access to a power outlet.
Speaking of which, I will be parking behind work tonight to top up my AC and just because I should, top up my water too. . . . Remember kids, you can never have too much charge in your batteries or fresh water in your tanks. 

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