Sunday 14 September 2014

Part One Editing (Pass One) Is Done

Editing went well yesterday, I got the whole of Part One edited, Pass One. What that means is that at least everything is in the past tense, and the glaring mistakes are fixed. It is not ready to go to my imaginary publisher or for a particular friend to tell me it is regurgitated rat puke, but it is getting there. 

In case you are wondering, Part One is now: 204 pages, 27 Chapters long (Single Spaced, 11 Pt Font, Letter Sized Pages).

I am half way through Chapter One of Part Two and I hope to have it and another chapter done today. Again I don’t know how long this will take but I will keep plugging along and get it done when it gets done. 

I know me and I will not be able to focus on how to tell the story until the framework is done, not until Part Two is done will I be able to relax. Once the heavy lifting of converting the script to a novel form is done can I then go slowly and focus on telling the story, once the story has been laid down. 

With subsequent passes it gets better and better. As well once the whole story is laid down I then know exactly what is happening to my characters and when, then I can make sure that what I said earlier in the book falls in line with where the character is heading. 

I have more cleaning and organizing work to do this evening which I can do before I go to work and plug in, just because Sunday is the best day to do so. Hopefully this week will be warmer and the batteries can last till the weekend. 

I find little projects like review what I have and see if it is still relevant. Examine how things are organized and stored and devise a new way to store them. Things are constantly getting better. 

One such example is these handy small plastic tubs I got which lets me organize my dry goods. With a trailer things shift as you move about. What that means is that every time you open the cupboard you never know what is going to be where. 

With a number of these tubs in this long cupboard I can now keep my stuff organized and prevent it from shifting about. I have another one just to take care of the perpetual mess that is the handy storage containers.

Well, I should get back to editing now. Have a good day all.

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