Sunday 7 September 2014

Writing Went Well

As I went into the library in order to do my writing yesterday I noticed something.  Yes I was and will be returning to the library which didn’t approve of my girls (Trea and Wanda). It was early (for the library) and the doors had just opened. As I walked into the parking lot from an adjoining parking lot something struck me as interesting. 

All along the end of the parking lot that I had parked, when I received the note to move was taken up with a long line of cars. It was then that I realized why they reacted so vehemently towards me . . . I parked in the library people’s staff parking area. 

People, myself included, like having that there is a particular spot, assigned or just known, that is yours. Everybody at work knows that you park here and they park there. As people, we like routines, we take comfort in them. 

I have been to this library a few times before the note and parked in the parking lot, all with no problems. I had parked over on the other side nearer to some construction vehicles. The time that I received the note that area was now filled with construction related equipment, thus preventing me from parking there. This realization was just an interesting thing that I noted: not good, nor bad, just is.

I did get two and a half chapters done in the library yesterday. I finished the other half of a chapter this morning. I have a long chapter to do today. This is the confrontation between Brian and the Gals over his being from outside of Tanea. 

I hope to get another chapter done but I am not certain if I will. The writing is going well and on track. I don’t know how much longer it will take for pass one to be done, I am just focussing on completing it, one chapter at a time.

Today is payday, so I will go to the bank deposit my cheque and then pay what is needed on the first card to bring it down to an even 1K. Then when the next paycheque comes around I will pay it off all at once. While I could do that today, my goal is to stay above zero, and stay out of the overdraft. I still dip into the overdraft a bit between paydays but I always come above zero after each payday. 

Next month I will focus on keeping more in the account and then start on the second card. That way I plan to always stay above zero, and never go into the overdraft. It should be for emergencies and, I suppose how I am using it now, to smooth out minor cash-flow issues. 

It should not be used to live in. I still remember being at the bottom of it all the time and calculating what I can get away with before I hit that cement wall of the bottom of the overdraft. 

Never again, never again  . . . onward and upward as they say.

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