Monday 15 September 2014

Happy Anniversary To Me

Okay, I did get the first two chapters of Part Two done . . . sorta. What I mean is that I completed them and then this morning added some stuff to them. I then outlined the next two chapters. 

It was a nice sunny day yesterday so I enjoyed opening up the doors and windows. I was motivated to not only clean and organize my home but also do some repairs. 

Okay first of all I bought a few more of those tubs and filled out my dry storage cupboard and even labelled them. Yes I am that organized, it looks and works great. Everything stays where it is and I can easily find what I have. I hope this way I can easily see what I have and will eat the food I have rather than get something new (sometimes duplicates) all the time. 

I then hung a hook for my hat properly. Months ago I had bought some of that construction glue which was supposed to replace the need to use nails and screws . . . well it sucks. I bought some anchors but always put off putting holes in Wanda, for fear of poking a hole through to the outside.

Yesterday I got up the gumption and carefully put the holes and installed the anchors then the hook. It worked great and no unnecessary holes.  The other thing I did was reseat a cupboard clasp so that door will stay closed while moving. Exciting stuff I know.

I was tempted to write some more but I know the futility of it. Besides I had already written for about ten hours Saturday and again on Sunday.  Part Two is shaping up nicely and progressing well. I am excited to see it completed.  Part One sets up the problem and introduces Tanea and the characters. Part Two is where the action really starts. 

An interesting thing that I missed noting was that Friday was my two month anniversary of truly being an Urban Nomad. It has been two months since I moved out of my room and into Wanda. I still remember that nervous yet excited feeling as I was filling Wanda up with my stuff that Saturday the 12th of July and drove away.  

I was wondering just what I was doing and if it was the right thing to do. I was fearful of winter and in truth I am fearful of January and the kind of winter it brings. I remember that first week of sleeping in streets and parking lots and how nervous I felt.

I felt like I was doing something wrong ‘illegal’ even. I remember a part of me feeling that it just wasn’t right. I remember thinking that everybody needed a fixed address; that was just what was done. People don’t live in RV trailers unless they are so poor and destitute that they have no other choice, right?

Now that I have lived been two months of this I can say that I am truly getting used to living this way. I barley give it a thought when I park somewhere as to what people will think. Now I am looking for places to park where I can put the slide-out, out so it can make thing more comfortable in Wanda for me.

It has not been an easy two months, that is for sure, but it has been a rewarding one. It has been a period of adjustment and constant problem solving and revising my practices and procedures. I just about have things down to a nice science, but there is always room to improve and get better. 

With any luck I will be able to stay in Wanda even during winter.  I will, if I have to, winterize and leave Wanda alone in some storage place, but I will not do so easily. She is my home and I don’t like the thought of being forced out of her and into someone else’s place even for a few months. I like coming and going as I please and knowing that the place I live in is my own, my little corner of the world. 

Necessity and good sense will always override personal feelings and selfish desires, though. I only hope that I can stay in Wanda roaming about until at least December 1. After that I will have to look for a winter solution, as January always comes in with a wallop, and living in Wanda in a parking lot in -30 would not be advisable or desirable.

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