Saturday 6 September 2014

No Auction Yet, But Chapter Challenge Solved

Okay, work went fine and quick and I will say that yesterday I woke up with a sore back. Every so often it happens that I sleep wrong and wake up with what feels like my lower back out of place.

In typical me style I ignore it as best I can and carry on. A hot shower a bit of stretching and movement throughout the day seems to do the trick. Today I woke up with a much lesser case of the same thing. I am already feeling good after just the shower and stretching.

I stopped by the storage depot and their auction did not happen in august and will not happen this month but will happen in October. I will still wait to see how and when this thing happens. Such is life, I know that I will not be able to sell it as a group nor do I have the time and patience to sell it individually.

After my running around I stopped in Walmart (my western Walmart home) and was going to stay here until it was time to go to behind work. I checked her voltage and it showed ¾’s full.

I will report an odd thing of note with Wanda. On the cold mornings the batteries report as nearly dead but in the warmth of the afternoon they report as much higher. That happened the day before and yesterday. I measured the voltage myself to confirm, it was 11.90 VDC.

Because the Library is closer to my current location than work, I decided to stay here tonight. I feel I will be okay until Sunday night to return to work and top up.

I am hoping to make it from one paycheque to another with only using a ¼ tank. I know that I will be closer to 3/8ths of a tank but trust me, this is big gas savings for me. All by selectively choosing where I drive and where I stay.

I will do my library thing today. I have a good concept for what to do with the chapter where Brian and the crew go to Egypt. Essentially they are morally bankrupt and do all sorts of shady things and even there cheat their merchants and perhaps even steal their cargo of spices.

This puts Brian in a place where he is at odds with the crew, he doesn’t want to go along with it but is forced to. It is his first taste of the need to stand up for good while surrounded by Evil. Perhaps this time he keeps quiet, and regrets it.

This is what can happen if you let yourself take a bit of time to pause and think over the tougher plot challenges of your story. Don’t stress, the answer will come, relax, and think (or talk) yourself through it until something makes sense.

If you stress and panic, your focus will be on the fact that you can’t think of anything rather than solving the problem you are stressing over. There is also a danger is taking too long to solve these problems and losing your writing momentum.

Well I still plan to get two chapters done today. I must  get some granola bars to keep me going.

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