Wednesday 17 September 2014

The Parking Sweet Spot

I found it, I have found the ideal spot for me to park, and it is exactly 1 Kilometer (0.621371 Miles) from where I park while at work to where this spot is. That is “Door to door,” or “Curb to Curb” so to speak. I will certainly be back here regularly.

It is just a bit down the street where I found the nice spot earlier. I found that if I park along this street and in amongst a line of a few large Semi-trucks (with trailers) I am golden. 

Why? Well for one then Trea and Wanda don’t look so big, and two, if I park Wanda snug to the curb, even with the slide-out out Wanda is no wider than a Semi-truck. 

If I park in the midst of a line of semis (on a public street) then traffic has already moved over to avoid the large rigs. That way I am not sticking my slide-out into traffic. I can and have puttered around in Wanda with the slide-out in but having the slide-out  out opens up the space inside. It makes a difference to the amount of interior space and my level of comfort, trust me. 

As far as writing goes, another day another chapter. Things are flowing well and progressing steadily along. As I was writing this morning, Ace cut out way too early, and I realized that it was my fault. It was as a result that I had kept writing with the internal laptop batteries yesterday morning, after Ace cut out. 

I can write with Ace for almost three hours as long as the Laptop batteries are fully charged. Why? Well, if the laptop batteries are fully charged the laptop takes 10 Watts, if the batteries need charging it takes 50 Watts until it is charged again. The more power you take out of Ace the shorter amount of time he will give you power.

I then decided to plug the laptop into Wanda with my new Inverter. I did so for about two minutes before it screamed. This phenomenon of the dead batteries in the morning and charged batteries in the afternoon is not just a misreading but real. Wanda’s batteries in the morning are too weak to drive the inverter but fine to run the lights and slide-out. 

On the subject of charging, my near constant charging of Ace in Trea and driving shorter and shorter distances is having the expected effect. Trea was slow to start this morning so I am giving her the day off. I set her to idle for ten minutes after I got to work and took Ace and the laptop with me. They are here at work plugged in and charging. I really have a great and understanding boss.

I am counting down the days till Monday. Monday is payday and that means that the first card will be paid off. Perhaps about six months late, but paid off nonetheless. Progress is progress and it is important to stay positive and focussed on how I am achieving my goals. 

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