Saturday 27 September 2014

Washed The Girls, Then . . .

I Plugged in last night and yesterday at work was quite busy, I worked till three in the afternoon. On Fridays I typically get off at two in the afternoon and sometimes at one. 

There was one customer who called up and needed something arranged for a Saturday delivery; two as a matter of fact.  So I stayed late and made sure that it got done.   

I don’t mind as it is important to me to take care of customers as I take pride in my job. Well, that and I know that with a small company you need to take care of your customers so they will take care of you. I do like to remain employed. Not that my boss would fire me if I refused to stay late but if our customers go away then there is no work and no money to pay Geoffie. 

After I left work I picked up my mail and had a very late lunch at McDonalds as a reward for staying late. I was going to do my laundry but it was late and I know that the traffic around my Laundromat is nuts at rush hour. So I decided to push it off till tomorrow after the library. 

I then decided that it was time to wash my girls. I have been through a bit of mud and the water drops are starting to show, it was time to wash them. There is a car wash not far from where my mailbox is that has an oversized bay. 

I went there and washed my truck and trailer and while it was good to wash them, it was frustrating as it seemed that every few seconds I was dropping another loonie in the machine. I guess that is why I don’t wash them that often. 

After that I wanted to make sure that I didn’t drive right away so that road dirt can get trapped in the water near the bottom of the truck and trailer. I drove to the park and ride across the street and decided to wait until the truck and trailer had dried off. 

About the time that I pulled up into my parking place, it started to rain, I kid you not. So I stayed there longer than I had anticipated, but still waited till the truck and trailer were dry. 

Here is the Girls all clean this morning. 

I am going to the library to write again today and will do so again tomorrow. It is an exciting weekend I know but it is what I like to do. If I had a more stable powersource I would just write in the truck, but already this morning I have drained Ace and almost drained the laptop’s batteries.

I am now back on track and fully focussed on my goals. The urge to spend on something large, impulsive and unnecessary is squashed, for now. I know me and when I get frustrated, down or depressed that is when I give in and buy something. I know intellectually it is for the pleasure of buying that new thing but it does not help when you are working towards debt freedom. 

The next challenge for me will come when at the end of next month, I put in my paycheque with the intention of not spending it. It is easier to tell yourself that you are doing something with your money when you actually do something with it. 

When you make a payment or buy something you see the money leave and change hands. If you put it into a savings account it is easier because you have actually set it aside. When you put it in your main account and say that is to lift yourself completely out of the overdraft at all times, don’t touch it, that is harder. 

I will meet and beat this challenge too, it is important and yet another measure of financial control that I need to master. 

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