Thursday 11 September 2014

Not As Cold As Expected

Last night was not as cold as I had expected or that the weather-gods had predicted. Having said that, it was about as cold as I wanted; yeah, about zero or minus one is about as cold as is fun for Geoffie. 

As much as I whine, I will be fine, I just need to fully get into winter mode. Really, I am made of good solid stock, I just like the warmer weather than freezing my nards off in my own house. 

Yet I know that colder weather is coming, but not yet. It will start to turn a corner today and get warmer again. There will be a few cold snaps like this before winter really sets in. 

I will handle each one and stick it out as long as I can in Wanda.  Each day that I do, each month that I can stay in her and not indoors is yet another month of more money towards my debts. 

It would be more accurate to say more money towards debt freedom. It does me good to focus on Debt Freedom rather than paying down debts. It puts me in a better frame of mind and makes things sound more positive. 

As well it helps me not get tempted to charge up those cards again, cause then you have to pay them down again. I will keep the cards I have as Credit is something you get when you don’t need it so you have it when you do. 

We don’t like to use credit cards to pay for emergencies but you do so when you have to save your hinny. (Yes, yes, Tanya, save money and use that instead of credit cards).  

To help me stay focused on my goal I sat and thought yesterday what it would (and will) be like to have everything paid off and still be in my current situation.  

When that happens, my only bills will be:

Fuel (For truck and generator)
Dumping fees

That’s it and to me, it looks like quite an economical lifestyle. Hmm sounds like freedom to me. Maybe then I could just about make a living in the film industry. All I need to pay everything off and set me up nicely would be 100K. 

Don’t worry I won’t start any Kickstarter campaign, as asking others to pay my bills off for me is just not my style. Still, a lotto win or something like that would be welcome and a different story.  

The editing of the novel is going well and I am averaging about two chapters a day. I know that I will at least double that on the weekend. I will try to edit in the evenings but I am just about spent by the end of the day that I don’t do much.

I found a beautiful place to park last night, it is just a block south of work and then left and it is right there. This is an industrial park so the blocks are bigger here. Still, this is where a number of the big trucks park and it is a somewhat quiet and undeveloped stretch. 

I will stay here unless I have to do any shopping or errands. Again, no sense in driving further than I have to . . . for the environment  . . . yeah. That’s it; I’m doing this for the green factor (as in cash savings) I mean for the trees . . . gotta save those trees.

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