Wednesday 3 September 2014

My Laziness Was My Stupidity

Here’s a lesson for you all, kids:  “Don’t trust yourself when you say that you’ll do it in the morning.” Okay, here’s the story. 

Work went well and after work I drove a couple of blocks and parked by my favourite marsh pond.  There I waited and organized my two months’ worth of receipts to do my accounting.  At about 8:00 I drove back towards work and parked down the street. 

From there I could keep an eye on the area behind work and see if all people were gone. As expected just before nine, it was clear enough for me to feel comfortable to park behind work and plug in. 

It started to rain by this point and I was tired so I whined to myself that I just wanted to sleep. So I did. All I did was plug the trailer in and go to sleep. I didn’t fill my water tank. That would mean walking around not once but twice. 

The first time would be to go in through the front to open the back door. Then after I filled my water tank I would have to lock the back door, exit via the front door and walk back around to Wanda. 

I know what you’re thinking, so what, just do it, you need the water. Well, I knew that I will have to dump my tanks any day now and when I do I fill up my freshwater. I figured I had a day or two left in the tanks. (You see where this is going, don’t you . . . shut-up.)

So I got up this morning and it was raining harder than the night before. I then decided to heck with it, I wouldn’t fill my water tank, I was okay. So I drove up the street to my usual parking spot to then get ready for the day. I did the thing I always do when I get up, I fill the coffee percolator to brew my coffee . . . nothing came out of the tap . . . zip . . .zilch . . . nada. 

I was and am out of water. Now, I had prepared for this eventuality, I so far as I have my 5 gallon tank of water as my reserves so I was able to brew coffee, flush the toilet, wash my hands and so forth. 

Let me tell you trying to balance a 5 gallon water tank just right so when you open the spigot that the water goes into the toilet bowl after you have used it . . . is not fun. 

Ah well, my own laziness got me here. I will dump my tanks tonight and that will solve that. I also hope to get caught up on my accounting. It is important to me., 

I started this year keeping track of my accounts including detailed analysis of what my deductions and so forth were on each paycheque, that way I can see what I made in regular salary, what I made in bonus and what I paid for each of the various taxes and fees. As well I can see what I spent on what. It should be a gloriously depressing new year’s day.  

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