Friday 12 September 2014

Okay, I Broke Down and Plugged In Early

I decided that it would be best to plug in last night because I will be in my “Western home” this weekend, and not be back in my “Eastern Home” until Sunday. 

I plugged in and topped up my water as it was a necessity to do so. I get the feeling that my furnace works mostly on Electricity, rather than on propane. Either that or it is the fan which is sucking up the juice. Either way, when the cold weather comes I will need to plug in at a much more frequent rate than I do in warmer weather. 

As well, yesterday I started a Facebook Page for people who are living like me to like. I had wanted to (and still might) start a Facebook group, to allow the exchanging of ideas and the building of an online community but that would require me actually knowing someone else living in an RV trailer. As you can’t start a Facebook group by yourself apparently. So, here is the Facebook Page for Urban Nomads:

I have the idea to see how many people there are out there doing what I am doing to get ahead and/or for financial necessity. As a way to shine a light on the problem which society ignores: the problem of debt slavery.  

We live our lives with an expected burden of constant and massive debt, all so we can “keep the engine of the economy going.” So we get a good job and apply for all the credit we can, just so we can turn around and pile on that debt for toys and things we tell ourselves are nice and needed. Even a few good investments,’ we tell ourselves. We then spend our lives paying these debts down, adding new ones once old ones are paid off. 

I see now that I could have chugged along paying my minimum payments and slowly getting ahead. Then perhaps get a mortgage all to buy a house so that when it is paid off I can sell it and recoup some cash with a capital gain once I turn seventy. 

If I stay in my current living situation, I can still obtain that end but in a different way. Once my bills are paid off I can use a variety of other much more viable and successful financial vehicles to achieve the same goal. I can build a financial nest-egg using : stocks, bonds, a day-trading bot or a high interest savings account. 

The editing is going well as I am now up to chapter eight and thankfully my ‘tense use’ is getting better. At this rate it won’t be long before the editing is done and I am on to Part Two. I will add a scene of a shocking twist at the end of Part One, so as to not leave it on such a nice and peaceful note.

I am looking forward to the nicer weather which is coming this weekend and on into next week. I like a nice breeze blowing through Wanda as I write, edit or just relax. All will be well, all will work out. All I have to do is keep going on this path and I will be in a much better place: financially, mentally, and emotionally.  

Remember, no matter how frustrating life gets, stay positive. This will help you focus on dealing with the problems that life tosses in your way and not focus on the problem itself.  This is something that I struggle with daily, yet it is a struggle that I always win, eventually. 

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