Wednesday 10 September 2014

Winter Doesn’t Scare me . . .Yet.

I know I may eat those words but as I sit here, all that the approaching and looming winter seems is another problem to solve. Yet one more challenge to slowly work through. 

Yes the wet snow came yesterday but it only hovered around zero, which I suppose was part of the problem. We have wet slushy streets and heavy snow on trees which have leaves still on them. 

This is what my girls looked like before I drove early towards work. 

It seemed to rain for most of last night only changing to snow in the early hours. While many in the city panicked and some didn’t go to work, me I just left a little early and showered and packed my lunch just down the block from work. Tonight I won’t go that far and maybe, just maybe plugin. That is if it does actually dip to -7 as the weather-gods predict.

I know that it will get warm again by the weekend and be fine for a few months yet. For my own comfort I would like to be in someplace by December 1. That way I will be situated somewhere before the fwump of the sudden and nasty cold of January. 

As for the writing, I have taken to giving Part One a quick pass over. This is to simply keep my tenses right, and always in the past tense. When writing the exciting pieces or the stuff I am making up on the spot I tend to shift to the present tense, as for me, I can see it happening in my mind. So for me it is in the present tense and happening now. 

After this pass I will move on to Part Two and continue the story. Then I can relax and then go through and spend more time telling the story better. Constantly craft and revise the story until it is good enough to be published. 

It is now the tenth of September, one month ago on the tenth of August a story was written about me in the Metro One. (Here is the story). The day after that story was published I was contacted by someone from a major national newscaster. They wanted to arrange an interview in studio for Radio. 

When I told them I was on a vacation driving to Vancouver they were understandably perplexed. I could hear it in their voice that they didn’t get why someone would be on a vacation while trying to save money. 

I told them that I would be back on the twenty-fifth of August and would happily do the interview then. They have yet to call, so I think it is safe to say that the interview is not happening. Ah well, it would have been nice to be interviewed for a national newscaster, but not because of a desire to be famous. 

It would have been nice to tell the story of what I am doing and so many people across the country are either already doing or have seriously contemplated. Many people just can’t get ahead with the cost of living outpacing salaries. 

I for one don’t want to live my life as a slave to debt and look forward to the day when everything is paid off. Then I can do what I want, when I want and can afford to try any one of my crazy schemes, as I will need much less money to live.  

Hmm, perhaps I should start a Facebook page for people who are Urban Nomads, just like me. If for no other reason than to highlight the number of people in such constricting financial straits. 

Remember, it is about cash-flow, not about income. Even if you make over 100K a year and most of your money goes through you and to bills, you are really no better off than someone who works for minimum wage, you just have more toys.

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