Tuesday 9 September 2014

It Snowed, So What.

I will admit that I was in denial most of the day that it would actually snow. To be truthful, by my standards it barely snowed at all. The only notable thing about it was that it was a wet snow, not the powder that we are used to here on the prairies.  

So, after work, when faced with snow covering Trea and Wanda, I did what I usually do for the first snowfall of the season. I cursed, swore and kept repeating that it didn’t snow and that there was no snow. I used the wipers to brush the show aside, drove a block then calmed down, pulled over, got out the snowbrush and properly brushed the snow off. I've had my denail hissy-fit, I should be fine for winter now.

I then went to a nearby big box store, and settled in for the night. I didn’t put the slide-out out, as when I bring it in, if it is wet the wetness comes inside. I can manage in the space with the slide-out in. 

I set the furnace to 60 and bundled up. I put another comforter (now 4 quilts on the bed) and snuggled in for the night. This night I slept in a sweatshirt and sweatpants, so that when I get up at night to pee, I won’t be so cold. 

I was fine and warm last night, I may try setting the furnace colder in the future just to see if that works. The reason I put the furnace on at night is to prevent things from freezing and me from seeing my breath in my own house. 

I have completed what I am calling  “Part One” of the novel. It is a nice spot to leave it and the first part has its own story arch in and of itself. I have an exciting opening for the next part and it does in truth have another story arch for my characters. 

This way you are not reading Chapter 86 of one long book, it breaks it up. It is Part One, 28 chapters, then Part Two, however many chapters it ends up to be, but I guestimate it will be about the same. 

Just before I drove off to work today from the place that I stayed last night (an undisclosed location), I snapped this shot of what I woke up to, not much snow, as you can see. 

They are calling for 15 CM’s of snow tonight, again not a big deal for me as I plan to plug-in so I can keep the heater going and see how that goes. I will be fine as it will only be -4 or so. It will be warm again by the weekend; this is just a trial run of things to come. I know that I can survive this, I will be okay. 

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